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What an incredible gift to be given – the opportunity to photograph these dogs in their element, enjoying every moment.  Even more fun is that I remember each and every one of these images and the shots taken before and after.  The Dobbie on the beach took off in a full on sprint just following this shot and it was a few minutes until we could round her up again. She was having the time of her life! Have you ever seen a Vizla run? She was the fastest dog I have ever seen and ran circles around us. The moment here lasted all of 2 seconds! And who can resist the super sweet face of a tiny Jack Russell – the grass was almost as tall as him but that didn’t stop him. Isn’t he fierce? And you’ll never see more unconditional love than the joy in the eyes of a rescue who has found their forever home.

I remember these stories because each and every one of these dogs were just living in the moment. My camera didn’t matter because they were with their human companion and to them, it was just another day. And those days are what memories are made of.

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