Giving Back

There are millions of animals in shelters all over the country, looking for a home. If I could adopt every one of them, I would! Seeing as though this is not an option, I am giving back in the way that I know best – my photography. I am also a member of a wonderful organization called HeARTs Speak which supports artists in their endeavors in helping animals out of shelters, foster care, etc and into a loving home. Please take a moment to visit their website to learn more about them.

If you are a rescue organization or shelter, please contact me to photograph your adoptables and help them find their forever homes. These images will be shared through my facebook page with links to your organization. Let me know how I can help and let’s find these animals a loving family!

Please email me at or call me at (407) 494-5838 | (407) 494-5838

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